All year round we are treated to spectacular wildlife, here in Kintyre.

We have our very own colony of common seals at Torrisdale Bay who make their presence known most of the year. They do tend to go off on their summer holidays but return for the mating season in Autumn and babies are often spotted in early spring. They are very curious and often follow you along the beach to see what you are up to.

There are also families of otters at either end of the beach which have often been captured on camera by our guests. The best time for otter-spotting is early https://miso.moe/xanax-1mg-for-sale/ evening or early morning. They are very shy and can easily be frightened away by dogs.

We often have sika deer visiting us on the estate. These beautiful beasts can be really quite tame and it is sometimes possible to get quite close.

Red squirrels are gradually returning to Argyll with several being spotted around Carradale. We would love to see them coming back to Torrisdale. Do let us know if you spot one!

There are nature diaries in every cottage which provide a fascinating insight into what has been seen and where.