Torrisdale Castle Esate is located on the east coast of the Kintyre peninsuala in Argyll, western Scotland.

It has been in the Macalister Hall family for 5 generations, since around 1870.

In the early eighties, the estate diversified into self-catering and the family have successfully been running the business since then.

Recent developments include a bio-mass boiler which heats the castle and neighbouring properties using wood felled on the estate, a hydro electric scheme which generates power from the estate burn and which is then sold on to the grid, and more recently a gin distillery, which is currently under development.

Directions to Torrisdale

Enjoy the scenic journey down to Torrisdale! There is lots to see and do on the way.


Sustainability is key to everything we do at Torrisdale and the estate is currently climate positive.

Meet the Family

Torrisdale is very much a family business and this contributes to the charm of the estate.