Kintyre Gin

Kintyre Gin available now at Torridale Castle Estate

Move over whisky! Gin production is currently booming in Scotland and Kintyre’s first gin distillery is in production at Torrisdale Castle Estate.

Kintyre Gin is made at Beinn an Tuirc Distillery which is located in an old farm building on the estate. It is the latest brain-child of laird, Niall Macalister Hall who refuses to rest on his laurels and continues to come up with innovative ways to diversify the estate. The gin still is powered by the estate’s hydro electric scheme, giving it unique eco credentials and reflecting the environmentally sustainable philosophy of the estate as a whole. You can buy online at and we’ll leave the bottle in your holiday cottage or pop up to the distillery while you are here. (Make sure you select the ‘Local pick up’ option and leave a delivery instruction with the name of your property and your date of arrival).


We also offer tours of the distillery which includes a perfect serve Kintyre Gin and tastes of some of our spirits. Emma and Niall will be able to tell you details of times etc when you arrive or book online before you come. Tours last approximately an hour and you will hear all about the Kintyre Gin Story and the history of Torrisdale Castle Estate.

The tasting room stocks all of our products so you are welcome to come in and have a browse even if you don’t have time to do a tour. Please note it isn’t manned so you may need to pop in to the cafe for service.

Gin School

Our gin school opens in May 2021 and is a wonderful way to spend a few holiday hours. During the blending course you will experiment with pure botanical distillates to create a truly bespoke spirit, tailored to your tastes. Once happy with a small sample you will scale it up and eventually create 2 20cl bottles to take away.  Throughout the afternoon you will learn about the history of gin, tasting notes for the various distillates and our production processes, incluing a short tour of the distillery. The emphasis on fun but we hope it will be educational and informative too.

Contact us via the form on the Kintyre Gin Website and we can discuss dates.


There is now a cafe open at the distillery where you can enjoy delicious coffee, homebaking and light lunches. Opening times are 11am – 4pm daily during the summer months. We have plenty outside space if the weather is kind.

Read more about Kintyre Gin on the website –

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