When refurbishing any properties, a program of re-insulation work has been undertaken, all replacement appliances are energy efficient and we use low energy light bulbs and electrical fittings where possible.

The four holiday cottages have open log fires or stoves, with logs supplied from sustainable woodland practices carried out on the estate.

Renewable Technology

A hydro-electric scheme is being developed on the estate which will lead to a supply of renewable electricity to the grid. Using water from the Lephincorrach Burn the scheme will produce enough electricity to supply the equivalent of 90 houses.

A log fuelled biomass boiler has been installed and will save a significant amount of oil and electricity currently consumed by the Tannery, Arch and Castle.

Transport and Access

The Kintyre way passes directly through the estate and visitors have access to a larger network of paths across the whole of Kintyre. Torrisdale is an area of outstanding beauty and we encourage guests to get out and about without the car. We actively encourage walking and cycling in the area through provision of a full range of information including maps and leaflets. Full details of local bus services are also provided.

Local Wildlife

Most of the hill ground on the estate is within a Habitat Management Agreement designed to enhance the feeding ground of a pair of local Golden Eagles. The area is a haven for wildlife spotting and we encourage guests to record their sightings in nature books provided in the properties. Subsequent guests can see what to look out for and become an active monitoring tool, with all sightings logged online at the end of each year.


Our new One Tree scheme is a direct method to off-set your carbon footprint. This innovative, proactive campaign is designed to increase the awareness of our impact on the environment, provide education for young members of the family and most of all, to be good fun!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are committed to recycling and provide bins for packaging, tins, paper and glass. With plans for restoration of the walled garden, there is potential for composting facilities to be made available.

The estate is supplied via a series of underground springs, and while supply is good, must be managed during dry spells. Guests are asked to respect the private supply where possible, even in the west of Scotland, water can be a scarce resource!

Community, Culture & History

Torrisdale Estate includes a number of listed buildings and structures and a maintenance program is underway to conserve and maintain these historic features.

The estate features an organic tannery which uses traditional techniques to produce a superior sheepskin. Skins are sourced locally, tanned using spring water and wood bark and sold on site or via mail order.

We encourage visitors to shop locally by providing information on the Farmer’s Market held in Campbeltown, produce available from Ifferdale Farm (01583 431 666), including lamb which comes from the land at Torrisdale – you can’t get more local than that! Paterson’s , a superb local bakery in Carradale and a variety of other local produce for sale in Campbeltown including whisky, smoked salmon, and cheese.