Everything is different! Hannah has now left Torrisdale to follow her heart but has left a big gaping hole in all our lives. And a blog to be updated! As Niall’s wife and laundry assistant to his mother, I will do my best to keep up the good work.

We are clinging on to summer for dear life but the temperature has dropped and the leaves on the trees are a dead give-away. Autumn is just around the corner. The estate is still a hive of activity though, even without fabulous Hannah. Pete and the WWOOFS have been busy clearing the top section of the walled garden which will hopefully house some polytunnels next year as we go into major veg production. The orchard fruits are doing well and we’ve had some small crops of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. None of which made it past the children as they scoffed the lot. We are brainstorming some https://rx3pharmacy.com/tramadol/ ideas as to what to do with the eventual abundant crops. I like the idea of luxury fruit cordials but Niall is keen on something with a higher alcohol content.

It’s been wonderful to see our guests enjoying the hot weather and making the most of the beach. A few have brought kayaks and lots of mackerel has been caught and generously shared with us! One innovative chap managed to smoke some on a BBQ. Delicious.

Our new holiday apartment, The Servants Quarters is proving popular and people have been loving the opulent decor and the quirky ‘secret room’. Reviews so far have been great.

We said farewell to lovely WWOOFS, Jutte from Germany and Elizabeth from the States. They were wonderful to have around and are very much missed. Jutte said that she really felt like part of the family which was lovely to hear and the feeling is definitely mutual!


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