We wave goodbye to our fourth set of wwoofers after a great couple of weeks with Marko and Younes.


ImageThe boys did some hard work cutting and burning rhododendron, shifting firewood, painting, bamboo sculpting, and a lot of poker playing in the evenings at Glen House. Work continued on the walled garden, with Donald ripping tree roots out of the ground with the digger while the boys carted logs to the roadside. We started a bonfire of all the brash which smoldered and smoked but was too damp and earthy to really get going. The next https://www.parentous.com/soma-no-prescription/ step is to remove remaining roots, and plough or rotivate the soil ready for planting. Marko and Younes will continue their wwoofing experience in Pitlochry and then on to Skye, while we look forward to having Alessia from Italy with us on the 21st.I am dependant on alcohol and sometimes I have horrible panic attacks, and I often suffer from Buy lorazepam.

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