The Torrisdale 1Tree campaign has been a great success this year and we’re celebrating planting our 50th tree this month. The 1Tree planting scheme is a direct way for visitors to off-set the carbon footprint of their holiday, and encourages them to become part of the Torrisdale story. Guests are given a planting certificate with their name, or to whom the tree is dedicated, a description of the tree and a grid reference so they can return in years to come and see how well their tree is doing. We’ve had a fantastic response to the scheme and are looking forward to planting many more native trees on the estate. Here’s some photos of some of our happy planters from this season…

ImageThe Tachauer family plant the first trees of the season


Just married in Campbeltown!!


Little Sam wishing his Scots pine good luck
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  1. It was a pleasant surprise to see our photograph here as the first ‘planters’. We’re back next week to see how our trees are progressing.

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