Hot tub


Winter in Kintyre

I am surprised that I am still surprised by winter bookings!  We have had a flurry of November and December bookings recently and it's been lovely to chat to guests about what draws them to our remote wee corner of Scotland at this time of year. We have continued to do gin tours at the [...]

Singing in the Rain!

Torrisdale Hydro is up and running!  After a few tense weeks on site, connecting up pipes (which were too short!), installing the turbine and testing the complex electronics, we met the crucial commission date with a month to spare. The scheme is now connected to the grid and producing power daily – a heavy downpour

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Slowing Down

Torrisdale is a spectacle of rich, autumnal colours at the moment and it’s like living in glorious Technicolor(tm). I have been away with the kids for a few days and the trees had changed so much in my absence, it was almost an assault on my senses, but in the best possible way. It is

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