Torrisdale Hydro is up and running!  After a few tense weeks on site, connecting up pipes (which were too short!), installing the turbine and testing the complex electronics, we met the crucial commission date with a month to spare. The scheme is now connected to the grid and producing power daily – a heavy downpour can generate 99kw of electricity.  The project was delivered on time and within budget which was a phenomenal achievement considering the scale of it and also our remote location. The team from Sinclair Plant Hire, Connell, have been first class and a credit to the firm and we are also indebted to Adrian Loening of Mor Hydro for his project management expertise. The Czech team from Hydrohrom spent several days on site, fine tuning and testing the turbine and were very impressive. We have been in safe hands throughout the process and would highly recommend these companies. Niall’s stress levels have dropped significantly although he is becoming a bit of a rain-bore as he dances triumphantly around the house at the merest hint of a drizzle.  This really is a hugely significant achievement for the estate. It will provide a vital income stream that will allow us to further develop the business as well as carry out essential maintenance on the 200 year old building. It’s one thing to be praying for rain, but quite another when you can see it running down the walls or hear it landing in buckets in the attic.

Hydro scheme

Ironically, the commission date coincided with almost drought conditions at Torrisdale. Our private water supply was at an all time low after an unseasonably dry September and October. Unfortunately we had to break the news to two lots of guests that they wouldn’t be able to use the hot tubs due to the shortage. It was very strange to be apologising for amazing weather but luckily no one was too disappointed and they were able to enjoy exploring the area in the sunshine.  Autumn is a spectacular season here and a perfect time to visit. (Droughts notwithstanding!). The colours on the estate are magnificent as the leaves on the trees slowly change and the views over the Kilbrannan Sound are breathtaking on a clear day. Recent visitors to the Servants’ Quarters even braved a morning dip every day as it was so inviting. They warmed up afterwards in the sauna and hot tub (which was luckily back in action)!

With a flurry of last minute bookings in November, we will have to wait a few more weeks for some downtime but it’s lovely that guests are choosing to visit Torrisdale throughout the year. Hopefully there will be just the right amount of rain to keep the hydro scheme powering away but plenty more sunshine so our guests can see the estate at it’s best.

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