Three significant arrivals have occurred this week at Torrisdale, heralding the official start of the season and a slightly new direction for our
Servants’ Quarters apartment.

The wooden hot tub and sauna arrived in all their glory at the weekend, having been constructed off-site by our fabulous builder friend, Illy. The next task is to site them by the river which could prove to be more tricky than anticipated. I have every faith that Niall and Pete will pull this off with their usual aplomb but the terrain is awkward and they don’t look like the most manoeuvrable of objects. There is also the added pressure of guests arriving at the weekend and more importantly, I need to give both a thorough test run.

The riverside spa is a unique addition to the castle apartment and will hopefully lengthen the season for the bookings. Imagine an icy plunge in a river*, followed by a stint in a cosy barrel sauna, finishing up with a therapeutic soak in a wooden hot tub – fresh spring water and free of chemicals with just the glorious smell of burning logs to inhale. Bliss!

20140402-110831.jpgThe other arrival is every bit as welcome as the sauna and hot tub. The lovely Chloe has joined our wee conclave as the first WWOOFER of 2014. She is Australian and was brought up on a farm so is no stranger to rural life. She had a baptism of fire to start with as came down to Torrisdale with myself and the girls screeching at her non-stop in the car. Hopefully this hasn’t put her off and she’ll soon settle in and feel part of the family. Her main tasks will include wood fuel production, tree-planting with guests, hot tub maintenance and walled garden cultivation. She has already revealed her incredible skills with small children but I must refrain from begging her to be our nanny. She’d probably be on the next plane home.


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