I love being proved wrong (no, really) especially when it comes to hasty end-of-summer statements about the weather. I got it very, very wrong last month as I confidently proclaimed that autumn was here. The leaves are changing but the temperatures have stayed favorable and the sun has shone and shone. What a fabulous extended summer we have been blessed with.

Children paddling in the sea in the September sun at Torrisdale Castle Estate
September – who knew?

We didn’t dare dream that the weather would be so good in September when we agreed to host a family wedding a couple of years ago. Niall’s dad’s cousin, whose mother was raised at Torrisdale, proposed to his partner of several decades, while on holiday here. He was over the moon when his (patient) fiance chose Torrisdale for the venue and we were delighted to be able to facilitate their big day, which had been a long, long time coming!

Torrisdale Castle Estate as a stunning wedding venue

The logistics were potentially challenging due to our remote location and awkward access, but we had the pleasure of dealing with extremely experienced and professional companies who took it all in their stride. The gigantic marquee was erected a whole week before, much to the delight of our children and the puppy. It quickly became their wendy house/giant play pen and many a happy hour was spent bombing around inside. It was almost the length of the castle so quite a sight to behold but it looked amazing and we quite miss it now it’s https://alldaypill.com/tramadol/ gone.

It was almost a clan-gathering as so many Macalister Hall descendants were present. I was meeting many of them for the first time and it was great fun to get to know them. It was very emotional for some as they had memories of Torrisdale from being here as youngsters but hadn’t been back for many years. One of my father-in-law’s cousin’s was sporting a rather fabulous sporran which turned out to be the very one worn by his grandfather in the portrait which adorns our stair case! He’d had an inkling about it’s heritage but never solid proof until now. Another cousin was delighted to see the 150 year old rocking horse still going strong in our playroom. He had happy recollections of galloping hell-for-leather on it as a boy and it was his father who rebelliously stuffed marbles in the hole were it’s tail once was, which still rattle to this day at a fast canter.

It was a wonderful experience from start to finish and has given us the confidence to grow this side of the business. We have two smaller weddings booked for next year and an inquiry from another couple who are regular visitors to Garden Cottage. It’s huge privilege to to be involved in the planning and execution of such joyous events and the charm and uniqueness of Torrisdale make it a very special venue.

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