We had some interesting visitors pop by this week. I love that about this place, you never know who is going to turn up next.
We’d received an email from Jenny Schiffner from Ontario, who was in the process of researching her ancestry on her mother’s side. She discovered a Scottish connection which no one knew about and they decided to make the trip over to learn more.
Hector Macmillan was Jenny’s mother Sheila’s great grandfather and onetime gardener at Torrisdale Castle. He lived in Garden Cottage with his wife, Agnes McDougal, and their EIGHT children! This is a charming, one bedroom cottage and it’s hard to imagine a family of ten living there. It must have been very cosy.

The Smith family from Ontario
The Smith family from Ontario

We look forward to hearing more about their discoveries as history unfolds and I have promised to look through some of the old photo albums to see if there are any pictures of Hector. Sheila told me to look out for a man sporting a “wild, https://junglefitnessoc.com/accutane-for-sale/ white beard” which sounds like it could be my father-in-law, although a hundred and something years previously, of course!

Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award

In other estate news, we are delighted to announce that we have been presented with a gold award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. We are the only accommodation provider in Kintyre currently holding this prestigious award which makes it extra special and shows that we are doing the right things in terms of sustainability and environmentally friendly holidays. Our tree planting scheme is particularly popular with our guests as it gives them a long term connection to the estate as well as helping to offset the carbon from their journeys to and from Torrisdale.

As our year anniversary of moving to Torrisdale approaches, there is lots to look back on and be proud of but we are also looking forward to new developments in the future. One thing is always certain, there is never a dull moment over here!

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