What a fabulous summer we are having! Last week our lucky guests (and ourselves of course) were treated to 5 days of wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures in the high twenties.There is no better place to be than Scotland when the weather is like this and our wee hideaway is proving to be a popular destination. We have had fabulous feedback this season which makes all the hard work very worthwhile. When someone says, keep doing what you’re doing, it gives us a huge boost of confidence and it’s great to know we are getting it right. Feedback is so important and we do our best to act on any suggestions. A recent visitor to Garden Cottage pointed about that although we have a nature diary to record any interesting birds, plants or animals, there was no identification books at the cottage which made it difficult know what they were looking at. A simple idea but one that we missed and have now remedied.

Our lovely German WOOFers
Happy people!

Our latest WWOOFs have settled in well and are now into their fourth week with us. Konstantin and Lena are from Germany so were obviously over the moon with the World Cup Final result, which they watched in the local pub with (mixed!) support from locals and holiday https://winters.com/ambien-10mg/ makers. They have been working hard in the sweltering heat, splitting and bundling wood and also building raised beds in the walled garden using recycled bricks from the old greenhouse. Planting can commence in the spring which is very exciting as it will be wonderful to eat our own produce when harvest time comes.

The castle itself has been given a wee facelift recently and looks better than ever. The porch had been leaking on very wet days so a talented local stone mason was brought in and he has done a wonderful job of restoring the stone to it’s former glory. Unfortunately it does show up the bits that haven’t been done but Rome wasn’t built in a day and that will be added to the ever-increasing to-do-list which goes with the territory of running a place like Torrisdale. I doubt we will ever get to the bottom of the list but it keeps us on our toes and life would be pretty dull if there was nothing to do but lie on the beach!

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Torrisdale Castle's porch before extensive stonework

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